Ep 5: Embarrassing Bodies Down Under with Dr. Brad McKay

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I grew up in Richmond which is an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia and for a number of years Dr Brad McKay was our family doctor.

Dr Brad McKay is a very nice guy who genuinely cares about his patients. With his genuine compassion and authenticity he made his way onto Australian Television as a TV presenter and host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under.

Today on Believe I get to chat with Dr Brad and find out what success really means to him, and what you really need to do in order to get what you want out of life and why serving others and adding value is so important.

Brad is now working on his own radio show and further building his personal brand.

I’m so proud of my friend Brad and loved catching up with him on Episode 5.

“Adding value means giving people respect”. – Dr Brad McKay

In This Episode, You Will Discover:

  • How a bone tumour at an early age taught him about compassion
  • Why fixing something in this world is important
  • Why you should take risks in order to succeed
  • Why putting yourself out there can lead you to success
  • Why failure simply means your just breaking a plateau
  • Why you can do anything when you are determined and motivated
  • Why you need to take risk and do what you love
  • Why fear is holding most people back & leads to procrastination
  • Why being nice to people is key to success
  • Plus much more…


Music Credit: Mirage the People (Seb Sapet bootleg) by Pryda vs Empire of the Sun

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This podcast has been blowing up! I LOVE hearing feedback and how these episodes may impact your life. Dr Brad McKay has taught me why being compassionate and giving value to others is so important. What have you learned from this episode? I would love to know.

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