Ep 8: A Human Project with Wesley Chapman Part 1

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Imagine suffering physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. Today’s guest has gone through hell and back.

Wesley Chapman’s father abandoned him when he was one and his mother abondanded him 5 years later. At 8 he found some stability when a family member took him in.

At age 16 he suffered liver dysfunction and had gone through more trauma than most of us would go through in a lifetime. He was diagnosed with ADD to PTSD to bipolar and was given a cocktail of prescription drugs which left him with two options. 1) Get a liver transplant or 2) Detox and hope there was enough time to save his life.

And it worked. Wesley prayed to GOD and asked for help in overcoming all of his addictions and promised to help children affected by abuse.

A Human Project was then BORN.

is a for-purpose

organization creating an international movement.

our global mission is to create a community of empowered youth. a world wide community without borders and without excuses to achieve.

we will create empowerment within youth, enabling them to succeed regardless of their surroundings or environmental situations.

we will give youth the tools and resources needed to create long lasting, positive habits.

in doing this we will give youth the opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness. we will show youth they are not alone and they are worth something.

we believe that every child is created for a purpose and that each child deserves to experience ultimate joy.

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Let me know your thoughts? Did you learn something from this episode. Was it an interesting conversation. Let me know what you learnt and how I can help you in the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at sam at sambarry DOT com, or reach out to Wesley Chapman if you know someone or you are personally experiencing abuse.

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