Ep 10: Foundr Magazine with Nathan Chan

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On this week’s episode I reached out to my man Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine to find out what it took to succeed in the new age of digital media.

Whether you want to create a digital magazine or a personal blog that blows up this is the stuff you need to be listening to and learning from. It’s the stuff that I’m applying to my business.


“There is no better time in history to start a business”. – Nathan Chan.

Nathan talks a lot of game about how to succeed in this industry and he shares it all.


The media game has changed and you need to really soak up all of this information if you want to get ahead and become a successful new media Entrepreneur.


I hope you enjoy the episode.


Here’s the video:

“It’s not about the amount of money you make. It’s about the impact.” – Nathan Chan

In This Episode, You Will Discover:

  • Why you need to serve others
  • Why now is the best time to start a business
  • How to keep yourself accountable to your goals
  • Why you need to be consistent and constantly serve your audience every day
  • Why you need content to drive traffic to your website

    “You don’t get the sale if you don’t ask for it”. – Nathan Chan

  • Why you need to find good content that people want to share
  • Why you need to know your audience better than they know theselves
  • Why you always need to provide value
  • Why Instagram has 50% more engagement than Facebook
  • Why you need other people to share your content
  • Why you need to turn the negative into the positive
  • Why magazines build a lot of influence
  • Why being sued was a blessing in disguise
  • Why you need to find out what influencers want
  • Why it’s about a mutually beneficial value exchange
  • Why you need to build momentum
  • Why it takes 1 – 2 years to reap the rewards of your efforts
  • Why people need to build a multi-facited platform
  • Why you need to start small
  • Why you need to hang out with like minded people
  • Why you need to build information products
  • Why you need multiple assets for your brand
  • Why email marketing is the most important tool in sales
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • Plus much more…


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